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Push XML


# Description
trafficsource * Your company name required (we will provide this part of the url)
ua * Browser’s user-agent of the visitor required
ip * IP address of the client required
site_id * Zone id/Pub id required
lang * User language required
age * Age of the user subscription, in days or ux timestamp required
id Unique click ID / Internal bid id
subscriber_id ID the of the subscriber
domain Domain name or full url if available



Example of default XML request



We have a number of in-built responses available. Please pick one of our response formats from below and let us know which one you prefer on Skype or e-mail so we can implement the chosen response for you. If your preferred response format is not in the list please contact us with your preferred response format and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

XML Response example (Default)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<listing title="Kate sent you (5) pictures" descr="See her profile and start chat now" bid="0.002000" url=";source_type=push&amp;media_type=mainstream&amp;vertical=dating" icon="" image=""/>


JSON response example 1

	"title": "Kate sent you (5) pictures",
	"description": "See her profile and start chat now",
	"price": 0.002,
	"click_url": "",
	"image": "",
	"icon": "",
	"imptracker": []


JSON response example 2

    "response": {
        "timestamp": 1547465197,
        "content": [
                "title": "Kate sent you (5) pictures",
                "url": "",
                "content": "See her profile and start chat now",
                "icon": "",
                "image": "",
                "id": "",
                "price": 0.002